Company and Workplace Culture

Coltrain Group works with organizations of all types that want to assess their existing culture. For clients who want to change or improve their culture, we offer comprehensive cultural development programs.

8997682_sCulture is a powerful dimension in any organization, sometimes positive, sometimes not. But in a few it is more than just a fact of life. In these organizations, culture is powerful part of their brand. Think of the culture of customer service at Zappo’s, or the culture of innovation at IDEO. These are more than just great places to work. For these companies, culture has become a true asset, ready to be leveraged by operational and marketing strategies to turbo-charge business development, recruiting, and growth.

Changing your company culture can be challenging. A comprehensive Cultural Assessment is the first step. You must take a clear, unvarnished look at your current culture, warts and all. You have to imagine the culture you want, in detail and with specifics, and design a strategy that communicates that visionary culture and builds the mechanisms you will need to for it to blossom. And you must have ways to sustain the positive changes, and correct course when necessary.

Coltrain Group has developed a powerful method of cultural assessment. Using a combination of interviews, surveys and our unique Cultural Cartography model, we can quickly assess and summarize the cultural profile of your company and help evaluate the gaps between your current culture and your ideal culture. For more information, contact us today.