Programs & Services

Coltrain Group works with your leadership and staff to create ongoing improvements and advantages in key areas of your business and workplace culture. We offer expert facilitation, consulting, training workshops, and assessments in the areas of Strategic Planning, Company Culture, Collaboration, and Innovation.

We design and facilitate critical group interactions
If your company has a critical group event that needs careful handling — whether it is a strategic planning workshop, a problem-solving meeting, the resolution of a sensitive issue, or a collaboration initiative with your supply chain — Coltrain Group can design and lead the group interactions necessary to get the results you need. Teams ranging in size from a handful to hundreds can be led efficiently and effectively using Coltrain Group’s unique protocol-based systems.

We perform assessments and facilitate planning sessions
The first step in solving a problem, making changes, improving your culture, or updating your strategy, is accurately assessing the current environment within your company. Coltrain Group provides expert assessments and facilitated discovery and planning sessions. Armed with this preliminary information, your company’s leadership will have the data and objective perspective needed to choose next steps and to move forward.

We train coaches and teams
Coltrain provides training workshops in collaboration which give your team members the tools, skills, and protocols they need to solve problems, improve work products, generate innovative solutions, and more. Training is available on-site or off-site and varies from 1 to 5 days, depending on the context and your specific needs.

We provide ongoing support to your community
Graduates of Coltrain Group training workshops have access to ongoing support and can ask questions and get assistance from Coltrain Group professionals at anytime as needed.

We provide advanced consulting
Coltrain Group can help you and your company with any problem or goal that requires insight into group dynamics, group decision-making, or group creativity. From redesigning executive team meetings to running community discovery events, we have the people, the skills, and the tools you need.

Please explore the Consulting and Training Topics listed here. If you don’t see a topic here that addresses your needs, or if you’d like to schedule a complimentary Strategy Session, please contact us!