Expert Facilitation

Coltrain Group provides expert facilitation services for businesses and organizations who want to make their meetings and other group events more productive and efficient.

Every day, organizations, businesses and companies hold meetings, conferences, workshops, trainings, and other group events. Often, these are led by someone within the organization who may or may not have facilitation training, and who may or may not be neutral (or perceived as neutral) on the topic being discussed. Because of this, it is can be difficult to have the kind of honest, critical discussions necessary to come up with new ideas, assure that every voice is heard, or to take on difficult internal challenges.

A skilled, neutral, 3rd party facilitator from Coltrain Group can provide the kind of direction necessary to assure that every voice is heard, new thinking is embraced, achievable goals are established, and important challenges are confronted and solved.

To find out more about how Coltrain Group can make your company’s next meeting, conference, workshop, training, or other group event, more productive and efficient please contact us.