Retreats for Companies and Organizations

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How To Make Your Next Retreat More Efficient, Productive, and Engaging

Every year, organizations, businesses and companies go on annual retreats. These retreats are often put together so that staff and leadership can take on organizational challenges outside of the office, build team cohesiveness, and even develop a strategic plan for the future.

Typical Retreat Challenges

Often, company retreats are facilitated by someone from within the organization. Because of this, it is can be difficult to have the kind of productive, honest, critical discussions necessary to come up with new ideas, assure that every voice is heard, or take on difficult internal challenges. In this case, the facilitator (who is also a member of the company or group) finds themselves trying to do the impossible–be a contributing participant with ideas and opinions, while conducting the discussions with a demeanor of openness and neutrality.

The Solution

A skilled, neutral, 3rd party facilitator can provide the kind of direction necessary to assure that every voice is heard, new thinking is embraced, achievable goals are established, and important challenges are confronted and solved.

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