Lunch and Learn: Fearless Performance!

A Special Program with Jeff Nelsen, Michele Mattoon, and Jim McKean, for all Bloomington Area Business and Organizational Professionals

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Lunch and Learn: Fearless Performance! is a special 2 hour interactive live event that will be held December 17th, 2013 from 11am-1pm at the Monroe County Public Library in Bloomington, Indiana. Lunch will be provided. The program is free, but advance registration is required.

To insure a high quality experience and individualized attention for all participants, attendance will be limited to 50 people. Registration is offered on a first come basis. So if you’d like to attend, don’t delay! Call Derek Richey at (812) 345-9712 or contact us for more information. See below for a description of this event. Click here to register now.

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Great business people are great performers…

Although you may rarely find yourself literally on a stage, your customers, your peers, your superiors, and your competitors are watching you everyday. Like it or not, you are “in the spotlight”, so to speak, on a regular basis. Giving your best performance before an audience or clients isn’t always easy, but with the right skills and insights you can consistently deliver. Join internationally renowned speaker Jeff Nelsen, and expert facilitators Michele Mattoon and Jim McKean for this 2 hour exploration of your business performance potential!

Presenter Jeff Nelsen’s “Fearless Performance” methods will help you create a fearless lifestyle that will allow you to expand your limits and excel in any performance situation, whether on the stage, or at your place of work.

You’ll gain insight into:

  • Shortening your learning curve

  • Improving your presentations and presence

  • Feeling total trust in your material, your audience, and yourself

  • Experiencing a sense of calm even during the highest-pressure situations

  • And lots more!

What is Fearless Performance?

Fearless Performance is a clear and effective method through which you’ll learn how to consistently perform your best, and how to make your best even better.

Unlike the classic approach of teaching people how to do their best only when it’s time to perform, Jeff Nelsen’s Fearless Performance methods create a fearless lifestyle that equips you to make the best possible choices in any situation, whether you’re in front of an audience of 1 or 1000. Through Fearless Performance, you can learn how to choose and work optimally so you can authentically trust all things, present and future.

Fear gets in everyone’s way, but you don’t have to let it undermine your efforts. Come join us on December 17th for this exciting program and Choose Great Performance Over Fear!

To insure a high quality experience and individualized attention for all participants, attendance will be limited to 50 people. Registration is offered on a first come basis. So if you’d like to attend, don’t delay! Call Derek Richey at (812) 345-9712 or contact us for more information.

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Check out Jeff Nelsen’s TEDxBloomington Presentation!

More info on our featured speaker:

JeffNelson-1Jeff Nelsen – Professor, I.U. Jacobs School of Music

Professor Jeff Nelsen, the Canadian hornist, magician, former-pig-farmer, knows fear, and more importantly, he knows better. He’s fooled himself into thinking he’s fearless on enough occasions to win auditions for symphonies, faculties, and an amazing ensemble called Canadian Brass.

Jeff’s life used to be about playing his horn as well and often as possible. It still is, but now he spends more time talking others into reaching their potential through Fearless Performance. In 2011, he gave a TEDxBloomington Talk about it, and has since become a speaker coach for TEDx Talkers.

Some of his fearless performances have been with the philharmonic of New York, the symphonies of Chicago, Boston, San Francisco, Montreal, Cincinnati, Houston, and St. Louis, Broadway’s Chitty Chitty and Pirate Queen, Hollywood movie soundtracks, the brass of London, German, El Sistema, and Slavic Soul Party… and most enjoyably with his mezzo-soprano wife Nina Nelsen.

A college drop-out, another triumph Jeff credits Fearless Performance is having become a full tenured professor of music at the prestigious Indiana University Jacob School of Music. Jeff’s Fearless Performance methods translate to any profession and any business presentation situation.

Program Facilitated by:

GWP_MicheleMattoon_3041_sRGB_300xMichele Mattoon – Coltrain Group, CEO

Michele Mattoon is chief executive officer of Coltrain Group LLC, and director of the non-profit National School Reform Faculty. She works with businesses, organizations, and educators around the world in professional collaboration groups, strategic planning sessions, conflict resolution, mediation and other work related to collaboration and communication. Michele is also trained in the teaching of Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction and regularly teaches groups techniques for managing stress. Before Michele began training and consulting, she was an educator for 26 years. She received the Hoosier Educator Award in 2000 and the Dorothy Johnson Award for Excellence in Education of Young Children in 2001. She earned her B.A from Indiana University and is a long time resident of Bloomington, Indiana.

Michele Mattoon has worked with clients from a variety of businesses and organizations, including the American Museum of Natural History, Indiana University, the Bloomington Chamber of Commerce, The Deborah Meier Institute, the National School Reform Faculty, Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis, the VOICE youth smoking cessation program, West Palm Beach State College, and the New York City Zoo and Botanical Gardens.

JimMcKean-SAE_7833_300xJim McKean – Coltrain Group, Senior Consultant

Jim McKean is a coach, writer and consultant, based in Bloomington, Indiana. He is known for his group facilitation skills and his deep insights into business models and leadership. He is a trusted adviser to company leaders and skilled at helping leaders map new directions, at designing measurement systems to track progress against goals, identifying key leading indicators to increase the probability of success, and conducting risk analysis to lower the probability of failures in human and technical systems. Jim earned his M.B.A. from the Indiana University Kelley School of Business in Management and Decision Information Sciences. He completed the Six Sigma Belt training at Motorola University in Chicago and is a certified practitioner of the Franklin Covey 4 Disciplines of Execution and Vital Smarts Crucial Conversations. As Manager of Research for the IU Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Jim led dozens of management consulting projects for privately held companies in the Midwest, including manufacturers, professional service companies, distributors and transport companies.

Jim McKean has worked with the Bloomington Chamber of Commerce, Pratt Visual Solutions, Bloomington Tech Partnership, Indiana Health Information Exchange, Indiana University, Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis, Voice Program, Kieffer Paper Mills, NorCote, Inc, Personnel Management Company, Kocolene Development Corporation, Indiana Youth Institute, Lilly Endowment, IU Health, WFYI, Hanapin Marketing, and JGA Associates.

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