Cleaning Up The Toxic Workplace

In the last decade, twenty-one states have introduced a version of the Healthy Workplace Bill which provides a definition of “toxic” conduct and guidelines for employers to address poor behavior. Toxic workplaces and employees are on the rise, and they cause stress, disengagement and turn-over.

The toxic employee often leaves a trail of destruction behind them wherever they go. They take other employees for granted, bully those they dislike, boast on their own accomplishments, minimize others successes, and never take accountability for their own failures. Even worse, the toxic employee can be contagious as well—spreading bad behavior to other departments and even across an entire organization.

Coltrain Group will work with you and your staff to identify, respond to, and prevent toxic employees. We’ll provide tools and a framework for creating a culture which discourages toxic behavior from your employees. To learn more, contact us today.