Tackling Critical Business Challenges

Every business has challenges. You deal with them every day. Some might say that it is the fundamental job of managers to identify and deal with challenges.

But every once in a while, a challenge comes along that is bigger than the others. A challenge that normal internal processes don’t seem to be able to handle. Maybe it’s a disruptive technology, a change in the market environment, or a powerful competitive move. When the stakes are truly high, when the problem is radically different from your day-to-day challenges, and when the answer cannot be worked out on a spreadsheet or researched to an obvious conclusion, you are facing a true dilemma.

Coltrain Group Dilemma Resolution Workshops are designed to tap into and focus the knowledge and creativity of your best people, and apply those forces to solving the problem in question. Using specific collaborative protocols designed to free people from their usual thought patterns, Coltrain Group can help your people meet and conquer your company’s biggest challenges with creativity and energy.

If you are facing a real challenge, or if you are not happy with the answers you have found for recurring problems, contact us. We can help you confront and beat these challenges, and in the process build a new and powerful capability within your company.