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Michele Mattoon is chief executive officer of Coltrain Group, LLC. She works with businesses, organizations, and educators around the world in professional collaboration groups, strategic planning sessions, conflict resolution, mediation and other work related to collaboration and communication.

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How To Plan A Great Meeting: 3 Key Questions

No matter where you work or what you do, it’s probably almost time to go to another meeting. Are you excited? Are you hopeful that something will be accomplished? I’m going to take a wild guess that your answer to both of these questions is “NO”. More likely, you are passively resigned to wasting a […]

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Are You Collaborating Or Just Working Together?

At your place of work, are you collaborating or just working side by side? Collaborating is often defined as “working together”. But the word “collaborate” has creative and intellectual connotations as well. Most of us think of collaboration as a way to create something new or tackle a difficult challenge by combining the diverse skills, […]

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Managing Stress With Peer Consultancy Groups

Customers who consistently use our protocols and are a part of active Peer Consultancy Groups (PCGs), often talk to me about the “unexpected” benefits of these tools. A typical comment sounds something like this: “It is such a relief to work effectively with my colleagues to actually solve our problems and work together to improve […]

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